Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why I love rain.

Because it washes everything away. Dust, filth, pollutants, SPM, negativity.

Because the green never looks so fluorescent.

Because before the lightening crashes, the swirling energy of 'all hell about to break loose' makes it look like the atmosphere is holding its breath.

Because in quenching the parched earth, its coming signifies fulfilled hopes and wishes.

Because of the smell of the earth.

Because when it begins to rain, EVERYTHING exposed is in disarray for a moment, showing how nature is still all powerful.

Because it's a whiff of a breath of mountain freshness.

Because of the way Delhi's sandstone monuments, the wisely planned Islamic greens and the gray colour of the sky just form an amazing colour palette.

Because there is no traffic on the roads and I can race with the wind.

Because it's romantic. It's always been romantic. To be rain kissed. I've never been rain kissed. Have you?

Because there is a certain kind of music I only play when it rains.

Because I like the wind in my hair.

Because my parents never stopped me dancing in the rain as a child.

Because of the way the water trickles down from the edges of window chhajjas.

Because a sudden change in the energy of the atmosphere charges me up and wipes my own slate clean, regardless of how the day went, giving me the courage to not give a fuck.

Because when you let go, when you forget your problems, your inhibitions, your fears, your clothes, your hair, your kajal, and step out to be one with nature as the heavens pour and rejoice, you are truly, truly... liberated.