Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Find A Boat.

It's cyclic. And you think you're important.

But billions have come and billions have gone and somewhere, somebody must've tried to live the life I'm living, or had the dreams I dream everyday.

People don't make history. History makes people. And they too diminish as time flies.

It's all cyclic.
The point is to go through it, one second at a time, and do what you're gonna do anyway.

So really.
I think we spend too much time dwelling on nonsense.
We'll all become something anyway, be with someone anyway, and even if it doesn't turn out the way we imagined, which in all probability it won't, we'll be okay anyway.

After a point, the things that scare you right now will not scare you. There will be newer things to be scared about.
There will always be something to be scared about. That's how you value stability.

After a point, the things that make you happy now, will cease to make you happy and you'll consider things you would never consider now.

Life is in flux. Constantly, everyday, bazillions of little factors you have no control over, work their way towards determining your future.
So why worry.

Don't be paranoid. Don't be a control freak. Enjoy your choices as you make them. Honour your commitments as you make them. Your decisions are yours. Their repercussions are yours. Do your thing.

Remember the words 'sorry', 'please', 'thank you' and 'I love you.'
Don't mean them without saying and don't say them without meaning.
More importantly, remember the people you say them to, and remember the people who say them to you.

Life is a river. It'll flow as it will. People tell you to find a rock. Your rock of stability.
Don't find a rock.
You'll sink.

Find a boat. It's more adaptable. And it floats.
Find a boat.