Friday, July 24, 2009

Here goes nothing

Seriously. Here goes nothing. I'll be completely honest. I've started writing this blog to make up for some erroneous decisons I made. Bad judgment. Completely impulsive and utterly stupid. You see I started a blog named 'DesiDarling'. I had just about had it up till here *points to neck* with Rakhi Sawant and her histrionics on her show. So with mockery on my mind, I wrote my first post.
Before I continue to tell you what it's contents were, I'll tell you one thing. I have, over the years, become very discriminatory by nature. I tend to like a certain kind of people and stay away from a certain others. With that comes a certain kind of arrogance which borders on considering people of a certain mindset beneath me. I know this is wrong. But I'm sure I'm not the only one. This 'kind' that I tend to 'not like' are those who who are stuck in the trappings of narrowmindedness. And I tagged them, albeit unfairly, 'the unevolved'.
Let me tell you what 'desidarling' was all about, really.
It was about mocking unfortunate people. Poking fun at their silliness. This included those who do not have access to high street fashion. And those whose lifestyles lack finesse. Those people who don't have the money and exposure to know better than they do. Oiled hair, excessive gold jewellery et al. The paan chewing, ripped-jeans wearing Indian.
Later did I realise, perhaps I was being the most 'unevolved'of them all. Instead of sitting up and being grateful for the fact that I can read good books, travel the world, savour excellent cuisine, and am fortunate enough to have a decent dressing sense; I was mocking those who don't have all this. And probably can't have all this.
I was being pig-headed and narrow minded in all my judgemental glory. My dad often says,'It takes all kinds to make the world.' He's so right. Right now I feel just plain lucky and fortunate to be born into the surroundings and the family that I am born into. I have absolutely no right whatsoever to make fun of those who don't have access to the finer things in life.
I know I would hate me if I was at the recieving end of my own ire. And discriminatory ire of such kind.
I regret writing what I did. Although I still maintain my standards of mixing around with like-minded people, I have given up my pretensions and I just want peaceful co-existance with everyone. I'm sorry for behaving like such a prick.



  1. You know what bothers me is that I've always thought exactly this way but have still indulged in "desidarling-ness", and more so in the last one year. The fact of the matter is that when it comes down to basic human values and the essential things in life, we are all the same. In these summer vacations, Ive spent a lot of time pondering over these things, and even though I enjoyed the last one year thoroughly, somewhere inside me, I know that I changed from being what I was, and not in a good way. I think its ok to make an occasional joke about someone who is "unevolved".......but that shouldn't become the way of life. I want to prove to myself that I'm not inherently mean.

  2. i don't mean to sound stupid but we were born into well off families. that sets us apart, far apart from the 'unevolved' (ive started hating the word due to it's super usage in all the wrong ways)in terms of the kind of mindset we were born into.
    and ur not mean buj, i know that.
    i just wish we stop generating negetivity. coz that's exactly what we've started to do.
    the concept of 'unevolved' was never concieved with the intention of mocking people. it was just a way between the two of us to describe people on a different wavelength. between two best friends. making it public and mocking them goes against my very nature.and u know better than most people how guilt ridden i can become.
    it's very easy to laugh and point fingers at other people. it's not as rosy when the tables turn.

  3. Couldn't help but smile pb....with such things u tend to learn as u grow. Not gonna add anything that u already don't know.