Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So I’m back. It’s been way too long, and till a few days back I didn’t know what was frustrating me.



It’s my ‘mommy-gene’ working up. My mum’s an author, just so you know. :P

I was just wondering: How many of us have ever, ‘not taken offence’ at something that was meant to be offensive and specifically targeted at us? How many times have YOU (let’s leave me out of the picture for a bit) just, ‘let it pass’? Has it ever occurred to you, thereafter, how it reflected upon your character?

Chances are, you’re a little too busy with your life, or maybe a little too sane…to sometimes, just sometimes, sit back and figure things out.

It’s not easy. It’s not easy at all.

It’s funny at the same time. More often than not, I tend to find myself at the receiving end of someone’s ire… the odd offensive statement hurled in such distaste that I find it hard to react. In fact I think, I’ve made a sort-of habit, of not reacting to offensive statements.

Not that it doesn’t hurt.

Picture throwing a red hot knife into a solid block of butter. It’s something like that. I don’t think butter hurts the way I do, but hey let’s stick to the temperament. It melts my defences, silences me, and leaves me reaction-less.A million counter-attacks dart to my mind but I don’t react. It’s probably because I’m so stung. Or maybe something else.

Later, when a pall of gloom descends upon both parties, friends or family they may be, and we sit in our respective corners to brood, a thought springs to my mind.

Am I so low-esteemed as to let such things pass? Let people get away with hurting me the way they do? What is this? Why do I not hurt them back the way they do? Say something as offensive, probably more?

The answers often lie in the questions we ask ourselves. And it doesn’t take Einstein to figure them out.

Simply put, because I am just BETTER.

Laugh all you want. But just try and be the bigger person in an argument and you will know. Have the satisfaction of knowing that by not reacting, you actually helped the volatile situation gain stability. The fact that you had the capacity to take offence, and yet did not, you exercised a super-human choice. Feel good. You had the will to overcome your own urges to scream the life out of the person across you.

How weak they must be to give in to those urges like that.

How sorrowful their disposition, that for a fraction of a second, they let the beast take over, and they said something that they never fully intended. It leaves them in a position to ‘beg’ for forgiveness.

But you never took offence. Even if it hurt. Inside, it rebounded against the walls of your conscience and dissolved. You forgive them. Time and again.

Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.

Walk in the streets, knowing that every person you come across, has suffered a moment of weakness, of personal trauma so great, it’s incomprehensible. They’ve wanted to lash out, and if they haven’t, then they are what YOU should be.

Hold your own against the littlest temptation of losing your composure. It makes a lot of sense, and see how the moral high ground will work for you.

To every person who ever said a mean thing to me and thought they won the argument:

You might’ve won the battle.