Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogger- Happy

And then she said 'Blog'.

I am truly very very happy today. For the sole reason that our 3rd Year Theory of Settlements class requires us to 'Blog' our assignments. Gives me a reason to keep coming back to the wonderful feel of little keys tapping beneath my fingers at lightning speed as I try to pour my heart out through my fingertips yet again. Not that I couldn't do it earlier, but as much as I love writing, I realized I turned to it only under the influence of an emotional overdrive.

So the great Amri then realized that every time she felt like writing on her blog, it must be due to something that she left sitting on her conscience or something equally obnoxious, and that always psychologically deterred her from taking to the keys again.

Weird, I know.

But when my TOS faculty popped the idea, my joy REALLY knew no bounds. Oh JOYYYY I could write about what I felt about various parts of my coursework (can be pretty damn interesting, mind you)! Part of me is also happy that my college, guilty of imparting ancient wisdom through ridiculously obsolete processes, is FINALLY taking a step forward and leaping off the mountain of curricular regimen. Or at least WE are.

Another little part of me is excited to see what my friends and classmates will put up as part of their personal selves on the blog. Blogging, I feel, takes socializing a step further and lets you peep into another's world through his or her eyes.

I look forward to this very obvious intrusion into my colleagues' minds and psyches. Let's make this an enjoyable violation, friends. Muhahahahaha :P

But then you always knew I was a voyeur.

Oh but WAIT!!!!...