Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This too shall pass


Architect, Visionary

One of the world's first advocates of blue architecture, Amri Chadha, designer of the modern underwater cities of Hudronia and Glascliff, passed away at the age of 42 yesterday in an unfortunate accident, descending the summit of peak Lhotse in Nepal.

A two-time Everester, Ms. Chadha was loved and respected by one and all in the disciplines of architecture, marine engineering and mountaineering. She completed her Bachelor's degree in architecture from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and went on to pursue a Master's in Urban design from Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MI.
An avid nature lover, Ms. Chadha worked on many urban renewal projects, commercial complexes and residential assignments, in many parts of the world, stressing on sustainability and the environment. In her early 30s, she began developing prototypes for aquatic cities and is known to have subjected herself to under-sea pressures and currents through extensive deep-sea diving along trenches in the Pacific. In 2025, her blueprints for the twin cities of Hudronia and Glascliff in the Polynesian region of the Pacific were accepted and commissioned by the UN.

Ms. Chadha is survived by her husband and two daughters.
Services shall be held this Friday at the family home at the Aldhedge Estate, Geneva, and her ashes will be scattered over the Pacific by air, as per her own wishes on Sunday.

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  1. Husband huh? :P
    I really like it, but I feel you are deviating from the main topic - its a design obituary after all. And again, like in mine, I feel its a bit too personal.