Friday, April 29, 2011

Candid Can-do

Haha... I amuse myself with absurd titles.

So basically a lot has changed since I last ‘blogged’. I’ve travelled a bit, lost some, won some, given up on my old goals, found out that planning is NOT better than dreaming, and I think I’ve grown up. Maybe gone back to being a child by letting go of the lines and boundaries I drew around myself. It’s a nice place to be actually, where I am now. I’m happy.

I credit myself with this absolutely creepy (but nice) ability of waking up one random morning with a fresh, clean slate, having pushed that refresh button and cleaned up the desktop of my life. Changing my frame of mind is like changing the wallpaper of my desktop: it sits there in the background quietly watching everything that goes on, but at a very basic level dictates the mood of the desktop. One morning, poof, new background, new rules, and the game has changed yet AGAIN.

There are certain experiences that one needs to go through, good or bad, just to know what it is to have been through them. This world is one crazy roller coaster; I’m bound in my seat and gagged by my apprehension. But I’m strapped in nevertheless. My mind is a perfect globule of gravity defying liquid, ready to be messed with. A buzzing live-wire, I AM ‘Potential Energy’, holding my breath, watching... waiting for my moment of kinetic release.

I sit at the precipice of a teacup called life, ready to take the plunge and drown if I must.

I’m not scared.
Are YOU?

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