Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I was sitting on my couch, watching TV, flipping through the channels aimlessly, mindlessly. Finally stopped on a news channel. A very unclear video...probably from the VGA camera of a bystander's mobile phone, was showing the Taliban gun down a couple in Pakistan.

The Taliban gunned down a couple for wanting to be together.

I was mortified.
What has gone wrong with the world?
Are we so steeped in our mindset towards 'religion' that we fail to recognize the basis of it all?
The most basic emotion? The emotion that ideally drives religion?The emotion that drives humanity?

Religion has made sadists of men. God is no longer the focus of religion. Everything but Him, unfortunately is. A few wise men, ages ago, thought of a common good, a common ideal. They meant no harm, and charted their own courses towards Him. Soon their knowledge attracted followers, and soon there were sects. Of course those Wise men couldn't live forever. And there were no heirs to THAT kind of 'knowledge' without dispute. So, the sects developed. People, too scared to shun the common ideal, started choosing. And then they had children. And their children had children. All the while, down generations and generations of men, religion was tweaked to suit one's own needs and desires. Advice became rules. And still more rules came into play. And people kept choosing. Not knowing, that a few more generations down the line, things will start happening.The very first Wise Men would turn in their graves, knowing that their ideal of the common good, was so mercilessly cut up; and today, stands defeated by human foolishness.

We're killing each other. Because of how different our respective 'wise men' were from each other. But weren't they supposed to be? They were human too. Their respective 'religions' have taken on their characteristics. And the common good? It still reverbrates in the hearts of those very first souls that seeked truth and God.

Love God. Love humans. Love life.
It's a beautiful world.

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